Medistim in Norway develop and manufacture products for Transit Time Flow Measurement (TTFM) and ultrasound imaging products for intraoperative use designed for cardiac surgery. 

They monitor and record that the heart continuously receives sufficient blood supply during cardiac surgery. The first products were on the market in the late 1990s. In 2007 the second generation, VeriQ, was introduced.

In 2012, Medistim and Hotswap initiated a development project aiming to get the 3rd generation on the market. Hotswap was responsible for project management, electronics, mechanics and industrial design. In addition, Hotswap supported the Medistim team on software and QA/regulatory. The 3rd generation was introduced in October 2014. The project was in time, on budget and the quality exceeded expectations. The project took 2 years from pre-study to market introduction, the budget was in the order of 10 man-years for Hotswap’s work.

“Hotswap design and engineering skills, creativity and understanding of the medical devices market all made a real difference to the final product.” Kari Krogstad, President and CEO, Medistim.