Genetic Analysis

Genetic Analysis has developed a DNA-based platform technology that allows for simultaneous analysis of a large number of similar (but not identical) gene fragments in one reaction. GA’s focus is to utilize this platform technology to identify variations in the hundreds of different bacteria that exist in the gut. These bacteria in the gut (also referred to as microflora or microbiota) play an important role in the health conditions of individuals.

The GA-map™ platform technology utilizes common and variable DNA sequences within the 16S rRNA gene of the bacteria to characterize and identify the different bacteria.

“HotSwap has provided invaluable expertise and support in developing the GA-map™ Dysbiosis Analyzer software. The GA-map™ Dysbiosis Analyzer software is a key component of the IVD compliant GA-map™ Dysbiosis test. HotSwaps highly competent technical and regulatory know-how has been essential in transforming Genetic Analysis complex data analysis algorithms into an intuitive and user friendly tool.” - Finn Terje Hegge, Chief Technical Officer