Episurf has with support from Hotswap developed the world’s first patient specific joint resurfacing treatment aimed at providing lasting pain relief and mobility restoration. By combining advanced 3D-imaging technology with Episurf implant technology, this method enables surgeons to help patients with joint injuries to return to active lifestyles.

Only The Perfect Fit Will Do

Each patient is unique. This is why Episurf design patient-specific implants and patient-specific surgical instruments to ensure an optimal outcome. Because even the slightest difference in shape can cause a surgery to fail, precise 3D modeling technology is used to shape each individual implant to fit your anatomy exactly. Customising the shape and thickness of the implant allows it to fit your anatomy perfectly and only replace the injured area while preserving the healthy surrounding cartilage and bone.

The Perfect Fit Requires Perfect Placement

A major component of the Episurf treatment are the patient-specific surgical tools, so a surgical kit has been developed that is created alongside the implant. The kit contains all the tools needed for your surgery, including a precision guide that is designed to attach seamlessly onto the surface of your knee, covering the cartilage lesion and the bone defect. This provides your surgeon with a stable, supportive platform during the surgery that enables the simple and precise insertion of the implant at an exact angle and depth relative to your joint anatomy.