New medical device project for Otivio

av Henrik Larsen

The FlowOx™ is a novel system for treatment of peripheral arterial disease (PAD) symptoms. Otivio has developed FlowOx™ for patients suffering from the effects of PAD such as leg pain and chronic wounds. Early long-term testing documents increased blood flow, pain reduction and wound healing.

Hotswap continues our long partnership with Otivio and we are now working with the development of the next generation of FlowOx. The picture above shows the current version. The project scope includes mechanics, electronics and software development as well as project management and regulatory support. Close cooperation with K8 in Norway for industrial design and Innokas Medical in Finland for design transfer and production.

The great challenge is to deliver a high end product at a competitive sales price. The new product will mainly be a home care product which means that a robust product and a competitive price are key for a successful product.

The FlowOx consist of a ”boot” (pressure chamber) that covers the lower part of the leg and foot and is completely separated from the atmospheric pressure. The other part is a tube connected to a pump device that delivers the oscillation in the pressure chamber. It will be possible to treat one or two legs simultaneously. There will be many automatic functions to enhance usability.