Visit our booth at Compamed, November 16-19th!

Meet us on November 16th - 19th in our booth at Compamed, the worlds largest fair in our business. Welcome to stand R26 in hall 08a in Dusseldorf!

Come and discuss medical device developement with one of our representatives. Read the feature article with three questions to Dr Rainer Landich:

"The question is always: How broadly do you work in your field and how deep can you enter into it? I like to compare this to snow shovel and spade. We are working the field of medical technology in all of its width. This is like the snow shovel: It is broad, but it does not go deep. We know how to do this because medical technology is based on regulations and usages that are the same for everyone. We know these very well. But we also know the processes around the usage in hospitals and at home, we know the requirements of medical staff, physicians and health insurance companies. They also rule the field in all of its width.

But by working on some problems, we have also entered deeper into certain topics, like soft and hard implants for example or breathing and ventilation. These cases are like the spade: We know the relevant, typical questions that are connected with certain products and can tell with every customer: How much experience do we have which is necessary to fulfill this assignment?"