The Finance Minister of Burkina Faso visits Hotswap

av Henrik Larsen

On Tuesday November 29th Hotswap had a visit by the Finance Minister from Burkina Faso, Mme Hadizatou Rosine Coulibaly Sori, Ministre de l’économie, des finances et du développement.

During more than three hours we had very interesting and forward looking discussions regards the possibilities for development within Health Care for West Africa and Burkina Faso. Some of the highlights included a discussion regarding using mobile technology to facilitate cost effective Health Care in West Africa.

Also participating in the meeting were Mr Amidou Ouédraogo, Directeur de la coopération bilatérale and Mme Martine Eliane Ouédraogo Gyenguéré, chargée d’affaires, Ambassade de Burkina Faso, Copenhagen.

We are looking forward to continue the discussions and to convert into exciting business for the benefit of the people in West Africa