Working for Hotswap

We believe that working with a meaningful and challenging project together with competent and experienced colleagues is the foundation for having fun at work.

We focus on customers within life science and medical technology. We work with state-of-the art projects in a wide variety of application areas. The list of projects and areas we have worked in is almost endless: implants, surgical instruments, catheters, endoscopes, dialysis, pain measurement, ventilators, sleep therapy, heart support systems, lab automation, ortheses, prostheses... 

You will work with ideas and conception of new solutions  and design, implementation, verification and design transfer. We work in teams and in close cooperation with the customer. Turn-key-projects typically employs 2-20 people during 6-12 months and are carried out in our offices. In on-site assignments we work incorporated in the teams of our customer at their site. Our customers are both established companies and recently founded innovation companies. 

Project success is all about communication, both formal and informal. Monthly pubs and seminars, sharing experiences from a conference trip, a coffee break, corporate Christmas party, an open atmosphere where there are no “stupid questions” etc are all means to achieve this.