Open Positions

Check currently open positions or send your open application (CV and a short letter about yourself and what you want to work with) to for applications in Sweden and for applications in Germany. Or contact the person closest to you.

Mjukvaruutvecklare Windows/Linux (LinkedIn) Stockholm
Mjukvaruutvecklare inbyggda system (LinkedIn) Stockholm
Mekanikkonstruktörer (LinkedIn) Stockholm
Elektronikkonstruktörer (LinkedIn) Stockholm
Senior Mechanics Developer Lübeck
Electronics Developer Lübeck
Senior Application Software Developer Lübeck
Mekanikkonstruktörer (LinkedIn) Jönköping
Mjukvaruutvecklare inbyggda system (LinkedIn) Jönköping

Send us your application today or contact one of us directly:

Stockholm, Sweden
Didrik Skioldebrand +46 739 614079

Jönköping, Sweden
Samuel Wikström +46 739 614100

Lübeck, Germany 
Sebastian Marwedel +49 451 280 355 30