We are always interested in talented people with experience of product development in one or more of the fields: software, electronics, mechanics, regulatory advice and project management. At present we are almost 100 engineers. The pictures below show some of us. Take on the challenge and join our team!

Matilda Svensson

Junior project manager in the Lübeck office since February 2015. Studied mechanical engineering with focus on Energy production, thermodynamics, in Lund university, technical faculty. Spare time passions: Horse riding/driving, violin playing, jogging. Unknown talent: knitting (Project of the year: A pullover for myself)

Kartik Karuna

Working with electronics and embedded software at the Stockholm office. Holds a M.Sc. in Embedded Systems from KTH and has a background in electronics development. Spare time passions: Love to travel; been to 32 countries and counting. Unknown talent: Enjoy tinkering with and building IoT contraptions in my basement lab. Also build scale model WWII aeroplanes.

Jonathan Klarström

Mechatronics Engineer in Stockholm mostly working with safety critical embedded software and test for medical devices, but also embedded software and Linux scripts for industrial applications. M. Sc. in Mechatronics from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), and started at HotSwap after graduation in 2010. Spare time passion: Analog photography, taking photos with film cameras and developing them in a dark room.

Noomi Altgärde

Project manager in Jönköping since autumn 2015 working with product development and regulatory. MSc in Biomaterials and PhD in Bioscience with a focus on surface modifications and analysis. Spare time passions: being outdoors with my family, music and interior design. Unknown talent: making my own jewellery

Torsten Hertz

Senior Systems Engineer and Project Manager with Hotswap since July 2014. Diploma degree in Electrical Engineering @TUHH - having a strong focus on embedded systems, signal and control theory. Software developer for class C/IIb medical devices. Project manager in several medical / healthcare projects, R&D department (software, electronics, mechanics, systems & requirements engineering) leadership for many years. Spare time passion: Outdoor activities, e.g. Geocaching - and having fun with my little daughter playing with LEGO building blocks. Unknown talent: Hitting the note in blues, funk & jazz tunes during vocal coaching…!

Tonima Afroze

Software engineer in Stockholm since 2015 after completing a M.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering at KTH. Has previous experience in medtech and algorithm design. Spare time passions: Photography, rooftop hiking and glass blowing. Unexpected talent: Wrote a children’s book that has been published.

Mårten Skoger

My expertise is in industrial- and  interaction design, with a strong focus on strategic design thinking and user experience. I’ve worked in large interdisciplinary design projects as well as in small start-ups, creating products and brands from concepts to global launch. Unknown talent: Board game designer. Spare time passion: Consuming unhealthy amounts of popular culture and building stuff – IRL and in Minecraft.

Kristin Hansson

Software Developer writing medtech code for Hotswap since 2011. Enjoys interesting projects with a technical challenge and a team solving it all. Also enjoys: walking through the forest carrying food, shelter and my one-year-old. Special talent: Speaks Spanish like a Mexican

Mikael Andersson

Electronics manager in Stockholm, working with customer projects and sales support. Has been with Hotswap since the start. Long experience of medical and industrial product development, engineering, recruitment and support on all levels. Spare time passion: Meeting new cultures and people. Unknown talent: Development of anti-spin for cars in 1981 to windshield rain sensor in 1985. And many more in the pipe.

Henrik Larsen

Manager for the Stockholm office working with sales, management and staff. Has been with Hotswap since the start in year 2000. M.Sc. Mechatronics from KTH with long experience of project management of large international projects. Spare time passion: Cranking up the volume and bass in the reggae sound system at private parties… Unknown talent: Travelling around the globe with small kids keeping the whole family happy...:-)

Wolfgang Deutschmann

Hardware engineer with 30+ years experience. Developing electronic hardware and systems. Connection between electronic and mechanic. At Hotswap since 2011. in Engineering Physics.

Spare time passion: Trainer for track and field for children at 10 years and older and my colleagues. Unknown talent: Designing bike trailers for special purposes (BBQ, transport…)

Julia Schnepper

Software developer for embedded systems and ISTQB certified for system verification/testing. Joined Hotswap in 2011, directly after graduation. Dipl.- Ing. in Electrical Engineering focus on life science from University of Rostock including a semester studying abroad (NZ). Newly discovered hobby: exploring the world underwater, even the Baltic Sea. Passions and talents: playing the piano, reading books, watching movies, gardening, travelling

Robert Axelsson

Working with sales, management and staff. Has been with the company since 2001.

Didrik Skiöldebrand

Thomas Davidsson

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