We are agile – whenever you need it. That´s our philosophy for software development. We do not use fancy development methodologies just to follow the trends on the market. We are agile because we think that this is the way to solve software challenges more efficiently and successfully for our customers.

This is the reason why we do SCRUM, use case analysis and test driven development of software. More than a decade of successful software development in the medical business, this is what you get when you choose Hotswap.

Any instrument or device with a CPU in it also needs software. We work with software for a wide range, from the tiniest embedded CPUs up to PCs and server systems. The languages of choice for the small embedded systems are C and C++, with occasionally some small parts in assembler. For small systems, implementations without an operating system are common. When communication needs go beyond a serial port or user interaction requires graphics, an operating system becomes a clear advantage. Then the implementation languages shift to primarily C++ and C# (for Windows CE systems). For PC systems, C++ is common in established systems and C# is the preferred choice for new development. For single or low-volume products, Labview and PLC programming are cost-effective solutions.

The tasks to solve with software vary from low level control of hardware and communication to signal processing and control. Real-time solutions are commonplace. In larger systems, we work on communication protocols, user interface, data analysis and presentation, data storage, and more. The key to a good software solution is to have a good architecture and design in place at the beginning and then maintain it throughout the project.