Project Management

Why project management? It is not just a word or a placeholder for a project role. We think that project management has two objectives:

  1. Maximize project target fulfilment with a minimum use of resources. We call it efficiency.
  2. Make sure that technical, commercial and regulatory requirements are met. This is our definition of effectiveness.

Those are the reasons why we and you need project management. Because we want to serve you in the most efficient and effective way.

In project management, focus on people and information is critical for a successful outcome. Communication with our customers and keeping the information flow in the project group are key tasks for our project managers.

Our project managers work either with the customer’s development model or Hotswap’s own. Hotswap’s design controls are set up to meet the requirements for medical device development. We have also developed procedures and tools to keep time, cost and quality under scrutiny throughout the project.