We deliver comprehensive mechanical design solutions in all stages of development – from turn-key in-house projects to complementing your core competencies.

We take care that your product can be manufactured and assembled without using production methods that are not suitable for your  product or not feasible on the production floor.

Hotswap can develop different kinds of mechanical parts and products; implants and surgical instruments, as well as disposables and components for mechatronic systems and complex machines.

The actual mechanical design is almost always done with 3D CAD packages and we use several of the leading products. But mechanical design is not about coloured solids spinning on a computer screen; this is merely a tool. The real challenges lies in finding solutions, choosing materials and production methods while keeping a keen eye on production cost.

We design disposable products in plastic where it is important to adjust them for very large production volumes. Non-disposable products are often in volumes of 1000 per year and here the choice between injection moulded plastic, polyurethane, sheet metal, or machined parts is a multi-dimensional problem to solve with respect to product cost, functionality,  design, production volume, etc. A mechanical design starts off by considering manufacturing methods, volumes, cost and pricing. The solution may lie in injection moulded plastics, sheet metal or machined parts. We often make early models using SLS/SLA techniques. 3D CAD is the primary work tool and we mostly use SolidWorks and Creo, but other packages are sometimes used based on customer wishes.