There is a rapidly increasing demand for connectivity in medical devices. Care providers want patient data automatically transferred to electronic record systems. Medical device manufacturers want to gain access to technical data from devices in the field.

Hotswap co-operates with the major players in the field of connecting devices, storing and analysing data. We have telecom operators in our network, who can provide machine-to-machine 3G connection world-wide at competitive cost. We have a partnership with Microsoft, enabling us to bring the power of “big data” to the medical device industry. We do this by applying the latest tools for transfer, storage and analysis of data.

Cloud solutions have become part of modern life. They let us read our email, organise our calendars, share our thoughts on social media, track our exercise habits etc. They are fast, inexpensive and available everywhere. By making use of the existing infrastructure for cloud services, the medical device industry can offer new services around traditional medical devices. In doing so, the medical device industry can meet tomorrow’s demand from an aging population, when it comes to higher quality of care, lower cost, more personalised care, while at the same time increasing its revenue.

Hotswap can deliver solutions allowing the medical device industry to connect technical data and patient data generated in hospitals, at point of care, as well as by home use devices. Patient safety, data integrity, quality of care and cost efficiency are the foundation. Many of our customers in the field of medical device development have a focus on this but lack knowledge and experience on how to implement and adapt present business models.

How can we make it possible for small and large medical device companies to start making use of this? What does it mean in terms of patient data integrity and patient data security? What opportunities does it open up for new business models? Cloud solutions make it possible for companies to quickly reach large numbers of consumers and with a reasonable effort create a vast array of new services and offers. This allows possibilities to create business models based on recurring revenue. It also allows for swift management of service and support, trouble reports, statistics etc